Assignment for the final paper

Length: 12-15 pages. Due date: April 26th.

Assignment: Make an original argument about what is going to happen to typographic materiality in the digital era. How will graphics (or other digital technologies) affect the way in which the visual and physical aspects of lettering are exploited by artists and/or understood by audiences?

As evidence of your argument, choose one particular text (other than the texts I’ve assigned as required reading). Use this text as a case study of how typographic materiality will be affected by graphics and digital technology. In other words, explain how this text serves as an example of the changes (or continuities) in typographic materiality that you’re discussing.

In order to connect your argument with the existing scholarly discourse, include citations from at least three different scholarly sources that I have not assigned you to read. Provide an MLA-format Works Cited list at the end of your paper.

Material component: Use an appropriate font. At least once in your paper, use typographic materiality to illustrate the argument you are making.

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