How to turn in your final paper

I will leave a folder in my mailbox in Turlington 4301, which is just across from the main elevator on the fourth floor. My mailbox is on the right side of the room. Please try to turn in your paper in the morning or early afternoon, as the mailroom will be closed after about 4:00 or 5:00. You may be able to get someone to open it for you, but I can’t guarantee that. If you arrive before I do and the folder isn’t there yet, then just leave your paper in the mailbox.

I would prefer that you not leave me any books, DVDs, video games, etc. with your paper, because it may be logistically difficult for me to return them to you. Instead, provide a note within or at the end of your paper to explain how I can view the works you’re discussing.

If there’s a specific reason why you can’t turn in your paper in person tomorrow, then please send me your paper by e-mail and explain why you can’t turn it in personally.

If your paper includes digital effects that have to be experienced on a computer, then please provide both a hard copy and a digital copy.

If you have already made arrangements with me about an extension, then you can ignore the above information.

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  1. I emailed you over the weekend for an extension. After we met in your office you said since I have three papers to turn in to email you if I needed an extension.

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